Powerful, Fast Optimization and Decision Support

Our Intelligent Decision Support System


Work Area
The Work Area serves as a monitoring tool, allowing Supervisory employees to keep tabs on specific assets and functions within an operation.  It shows real time data on the current state of assets and functions.  The Work Area uses graphical displays, where appropriate, to aide in “at a glance” views of specific areas and functions.

The Prediction tool gives the ability to simulate the outcome of a shift given the current state of the operation.  This tool grabs all pertinent current-state information from the database, completes the day’s operation, based upon company standards, and returns the anticipated outcome of the operation.  The Prediction module also allows the user to alter the number of asset in defined time periods and rerun the prediction to obtain alternate results.

Long Range Planning
This module allows an Industrial Engineering Department to plan optimal asset allocation, develop and test Standards, alter planned delays and analyze historical data.  Long Range Planning applies Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) to obtain the “best” results in a relatively short period of time.  The form of a PSO tool encourages modification of the fitness function, an equation used to determine the “goodness” of a solution.  This fact further enhances the power of the Long Range Planning tool.

Shift Planner
Every Manager has spent hours creating weekly/monthly schedules.  The Shift Planner creates a set of schedules in seconds based upon the number of total employees available versus the number of employees needed daily.  It can consider both four and five day shifts and well as a combination of both; it also allows for consecutive and non-consecutive days off, as well as a combination.

Volume Driven Shift Planner
The Volume Driven Shift Planner applies the same logic used in the Shift Planner. The results are based upon expected volume and productivity standards.

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The source code is encapsulated and the database tables are normalized.  This allows for easy integration at various points in the system.  The system was designed to integrate multiple legacy systems into one user interface.  In addition, we have successfully integrated device management, voice activation and RFID tracking tools into our IDSS.

Our IDSS incorporates Computational Intelligence into both the Shift Planner and Long Range Planning modules.  Computational Intelligence is a method of optimization that combines machine learning, adaptation and evolution. The specific method applied is Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO).  It is extremely robust, searches large solution spaces thoroughly and quickly and highly scalable. 

What Sets Us Apart
Barnabas Systems has both a personal and professional relationship with the co-developer of PSO, Russ Eberhart.  PSO has proven to find viable solutions in orders of magnitude faster then traditional planning optimization methods.  PSO in conjunction with either Neural Networks or Fuzzy Logic has been used with great success in defining models that would take humans years to develop.

Barnabas Systems has decades of front line operations management and program management experience in the Supply Chain Management field with Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies.  This experience gives us a unique perspective as we develop solutions for end user.  We understand the importance of usability – no solution works if it is not used.  Barnabas Systems designs it solutions with that truth in mind.