Powerful, Fast Optimization and Decision Support


EDI - Electronic Data Interchange
Barnabas Systems simplifies business processes, reduces man-hours and improves accuracy when implementing EDI.  Buisness cycles are increased providing both faster payment from customers and opportunity for early payment discounts from suppliers.

Software as a Service (SaaS)
Wise investments in technology will always help position a company to be a leader in their industry. Technology creates efficiencies and lowers costs, allowing small and medium sized businesses to win more service contracts. In tough economic times, this basic premise doesn’t change, but a large capitol expenditure, which can be difficult in good times, and a multi-year ROI for your technology investment does become much harder to justify.  A small monthly investment in a SaaS solution can give you nearly instant ROI, with little up-front costs.  You receive the same efficiencies and the technical edge over your competition, but you are rewarded for the investment in 1 month, instead of 3 years.  This can be the difference between laying off valuable employees and growing your business in a tough economy.

Just about any type of software solution is available as a SaaS application. You can streamline your Sales Order process with e-Commerce or EDI, speed up your warehouse with a Warehouse Management System, or optimize your shipping with a TMS. (Source)

Software Development:
Barnabas Systems creates operational simulations, custom applications and optimization tools in addition to Software as a Service. 

Barnabas Systems, LLC and its collaborators have experience in creating complex operational simulations with which Operators and Executives can alter input data to allow for various operational situations.  Examples of simulations are:

    • The offload of aircraft for a Fortune 100 express delivery company
    • Distribution of signal sets to various receivers
    • Mission planning for unmanned aerial vehicles

Custom Applications:
Barnabas Systems has created shift planning applications for industry leading distribution companies, planning tools for industry leading express delivery companies.  Its collaborators have created custom applications for the airline industry, food industry and the Department of Defense.

Optimization Tools:
Barnabas Systems uses the most current and powerful optimization tools, Evolutionary Algorithms (EAs).  These tools out perform traditional optimization methods in both speed and performance because of their use of population members.  Rather than checking one point at a time EAs simultaneously check a population of points.  This technique allows for enhanced speed of the optimization algorithm as well as improving performance (local optima are avoided and a much greater search space   Examples are:

  • Asset allocation optimization

  • Employee scheduling optimization

System Integration
Barnabas Systems integrates your system with those of your customers and providers.  If you are currently manually inputting information into one system that was obtained from another, or if your customers are required to, we will automate the process.  Whether using  XML or any other form of electronic communication, data transfer automation will improve efficiencies, and moral, along with reducing data entry errors.

Operational and Gap Analysis:
Barnabas Systems has a vast amount of experience in gap analysis.  We have identified gap in Standard Operating Procedures versus current operating procedures and have made recommendations to modify SOP which have reduced labor costs by up to 23%.  Additionally,  Barnabas Systems, LLC has documented gaps in SOP to software upgrades.