Powerful, Fast Optimization and Decision Support

Barnabas Systems provides Supply Chain Optimization and Synchronization in conjunction with Intelligent Decision Support Systems.  Barnabas Systems offers expertise in every aspect of logistics including software optimization, procurement, operations, warehousing, facilities, inventory management, automation, cloud computing, freight, and transportation.  Optimization is beyond business process mapping and simulation study.  The newest generation of optimization techniques involve all aspects of a business and are dynamic, horizon focused and ever evolving.  The next generation of optimization is now!

As a group, Barnabas Systems has verifiable success in generating cost savings for its clients in warehousing, transportation, procurement, and improving inventory accuracy.  We have successfully developed and implemented 3PL program start-ups (VMI, General Warehousing, Distribution and Border Processing) as well as revamped existing programs with systemal issues by working with developers, operators and end-users to ensure all concerns were adequately addressed.  Barnabas Systems has vast experience in working with RF technology and has partnered with the best providers of RF equipment from hand-held units to voice-activated units and associated equipment.  We have established solid relationships with top suppliers of warehouse equipment throughout the continental United States.

There are many SCM consulting firms who can make similar claims.  What sets Barnabas Systems apart is our use of Computational Intelligence for optimization.  Computational Intelligence is a set of computer engineering tools that have their roots in social and genetic evolution.  They are capable of searching an extremely large problem space with great speed and return an optimal solution based upon client constraints.  Furthermore, the constraints can be easily modified to allow decision makers to test and plan for a variety of circumstances.

These tools provide process improvement, enhanced productivity and profitability.

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